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Mamić boys shot 2 members of Bad Blue Boys. 24.10.2014

The night of 24th October one of Zdravko Mamic mercenaries tried to kill 2 memebers of Bad Blue Boys with gun. That is direct consequence of an unsuccessful ambush in which one of the most important supporters from Bad Blue Boys should be killed.

Bad Blue Boys says in their official site they wont be silence anymore, and that “You dont need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Zdravko Mamić organized this”.

On Sunday they returns to stadium on their North terrace, not East where they were last seasons. Now on North are those Mamis’s members (the fake BBB) and real Bad Blue Boys dont want them on their birth tribune.

Dinamo Zagreb – Osijek is today (26.10.2014), Bad Blue Boys will do corteo to stadium and after the game corteo to hospital to support their injured brothers.

On the pictures crossed likeness owner of Dinamo Zagreb – Zdravko Mamic (Mamiću Odlazi – in english-Mamić must goes)




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