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Firms and casuals against the Islamification of Britain on 15h June 2015 in London

Supporters from England united against Islamification in their country!

Firms from whole Britain are gathering on march in London against the islamic extremism and extremists. Here is the whole message about the event and the statement of english fans.

“We are not EDL! We are not the BNP! We are not the National Front! We are working class lads, football lads, firm lads, affiliated! And we have had enough of our great country and our people being used and abused by muslims that follow the laws and teachings of radical islam.

LONDON 13th JUNE 2015!

This is march against islamic extremism and extremists, its a march against radical Islam and Sharia law in what ever from it takes. Although some will say its racist and racism its not! You can not be racist against an evil ideology! You can not be racist if you oppose and question those that believe in chield marriege, honour killings, pedophilia, grooming gangs and more! Its not racism to stand against those that wish to bring mass murder to these shores! Its not racism to oppose those that abuse british troops and call them murderers!

If you feel the same way, if you share the same views, whether you are black, white, brown or yellow it makes no difference, join us in London! Its your country that is under threat!”


  1. One guy from Poland fully supports!

  2. Its DUDLEY NOT LONDON – 13 of june

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