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Diary of tragedies in Spanish ultras and hooligans culture

Spanish football is in mourning after the death of 43-year-old supporter of Deportivo La Coruna after clashes between fans of the Galician team and those of Atletico Madrid.
We present you most tragic incidents of fans that occurred in the last 30 years ago.
Luis Montero Dominguez died on 25th April in 1985 from his injures caused by a bomb thrown during the fight from Segunda Division between Cadiz and Castellón.
13-year-old Guillermo Alfonso Lazaro dies on 15th March in 1992 as a result of thrown bomb shortly before the start of the match between Espanyol and Cadiz in Primera.
Viceconsultant of Sweden in Benidorm – Jose Gomez Rodriguez died on 2th November, 1982 in Barcelona. He attended as a spectator of the match between supporters in Paieha, Barcelona. Scandal erupted with players from the team that developed into multiple hits. Jose tries to escape, but he knocked on the ground, then died from his wounds.
The policeman Manuel Luque Kasteyeho goes from this world on 6th May 1984. The officer intervened in conflict on children match in Cordoba and died from receiving kicks and punches.
Football referee Florentino Duenyas lost his live after shots of a retired police officer on 18th August 1990. The tragedy happened during a match of the regional league in Spain between Motril “B” and Calahonda.
Emiliano Lopez Prada, a law student, died on 12th March, 1994. The young man attended the match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona in a bar. Emiliano is enjoying after a goal by Barcelona and got beaten to death by another client in the bar.

Aitor Zabaleta Cortazar died on 28 years in 9th September, 1998. Supporter of Real Sociedad was killed by a fan of Atletico Madrid near “Vicente Calderon” before the European match between the two teams.

Manuel Rios Suarez, 31 yearss old, a fan of Deportivo La Coruna, died of kicks and punches, trying to protect a child with shirt of Compostela in sector of radical fans of Depor. The match is on 8th October, 2003 in Santiago.
On 9th April, 2012 Inigo Kabakas Liseransu, 28-year-old fan of Athletic Bilbao, got killed by police officer who fired a rubber bullet before the match with Schalke 04.

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