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England fans clash with police in Amsterdam 23.03.2018

England supporters caused troubles in Amsterdam for friendly match against Netherlands. More than 25 arrests before match. England fans clash with poloce in Amsterdam 23.03.2018 #england #awaydays #ultras #hooligans #amsterdam #holland Публикация, споделена от Hooligans TV (@hooliganstv) на Мар 23, 2018 в 12:48 PDT More footage from Amsterdam 23.03.2018 #england #awaydays #ultras #hooligans #amsterdam #holland Публикация, споделена от Hooligans TV …

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Arranged fight between CSKA Sofia leader and Sofia-West member (Levski) 21.03.2018

Everything started 3 days ago at the Bulgarian derby match between CSKA Sofia – Levski Sofia which took place on 18.03.2018 On the banners, the member of the group ‘Sofia West’ (Levski) challenged the leader of ‘Animals’ (CSKA) to fight 1 on 1. Today the challenge was accepted and there was a fight between them. The leader of ‘Animals’ won …

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Soon the film’s premiere “Niebieskie Chachary” (“Blue Hools”)

Poland: Movie about Ruch Chorzow fanatics. Work on the movie “Niebieskie Chachary” (“Blue Hools”) began equally 10 years ago and … finally come to an end! We are pleased to announce that preparations for the premiere are in progress, scheduled for the second half of May this year. – The movie is in the final phase. We will finish the last …

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Troubles in Hamburg after HSV – Hertha BSC 17.03.2018

Germany: HSV – Hertha BSC Troubles with HSV fans broke out after the game, when their team lost the match against Hertha BSC, and currently takes 17th place in the table with 18 teams. For the first time in the club’s history, they can fall from the Bundesliga. Some troubles between HSV supporters on the terraces. HSV supporters vs. police after …

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Köln and Borussia Dortmund attacked Leverkusen 17.03.2018

Germany 17.03.2018 Bayer Leverkusen lads supported their basketball team, while Köln and Borussia Dortmund groups were waiting for them in a pub in the city. After the game guys from Köln and Borussia attacked Leverkusen. Tomorrow is derby between Köln and Bayer Leverkusen. Köln and Borussia Dortmund attacked Leverkusen before derby tomorrow 18.03.2018 #germany #köln #bvb #borussia #dortmund #leverkusen #ultras …

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