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Diary of tragedies in Spanish ultras and hooligans culture

Spanish football is in mourning after the death of 43-year-old supporter of Deportivo La Coruna after clashes between fans of the Galician team and those of Atletico Madrid.   We present you most tragic incidents of fans that occurred in the last 30 years ago.   Luis Montero Dominguez died on 25th April in 1985 from his injures caused by …

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Spanish hooligan and ultras scene – friendships, rivals, political views

The Kingdom of Spain is composed of the 17 autonomous communities (and 2 autonomous cities). Radicals of Galicia, the Basque Country and Catalonia can observe various activities where they try to express their desire for peel. Here are most of the Spanish hooligan and ultras groups and their political orientation. Osasuna Pamplona Groups: Indar Gorri 87 ‘. Rivals: R. Madrid, …

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Police all around the world

From blast suits and machine guns to stab vests and Rottweilers: How police forces around the globe are equipped to keep order on the streets. Power: Serbian police officers from the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit pose for a picture in their base outside the capital city Belgrade Armed: Belgian special forces pose for a photograph with an armoured vehicle and working …

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Leeds fan about the tragic incident in Turkey: Will Istanbul hooligans getaway with murder yet again?!

As any Leeds United fan knows, Istanbul is a dodgy place to be if you’re identifiable as a follower of any team pitted against a local side, whose fans tend to glory in a reputation for bloodthirstiness with “Welcome to Hell” banners, throat-slitting gestures and other manifestations of their complete lack of civilised conduct and behaviour. Leeds fans know this …

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Photo gallery of hooligan groups and clubs from Germany

We start new collection of great photo galleries of hooligan groups with Germany. Be in touch with the new rubric, photos of firms from Italy, Poland, Croatia and Sweden are coming soon… Eintracht Frankfurt Lokomotiv Leipzig FC Magdeburg Chemie Leipzig Waldhof Mannheim Karlsruhe Hansa Rostock Hertha Berlin Dynamo Dresden VfB Stuttgart Energie Cottbus Fortuna Düsseldorf Chemie Halle Kaiserslautern Mönchengladbach Duisburg …

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Third Balkan War or what is happening on the Balkans?

In last qualifications for the European Championship in France in 2016, the Balkan peninsula was like a real battlefield. First, on 11 October in Bucharest meeting between Romania and Hungary supporters of both sides groomed serious battle at “National Arena”. Another missing for UEFA that proves the History is not their strongest subject. Then trains, buses and cars from Hungary …

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Meet the firms in England: Burnley Suicide Squad

We keep with our rubric called “Meet the firms in England”. All articles from this interesting category can be found HERE. The Suicide Squad is a football hooligan firm linked to the English Premier League team, Burnley F.C. The self-imposed title is derived from previous behavior at away games where the single minded involvement in violence against overwhelming odds could …

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Supporters without privacy 2nd part

Supporters Without Privacy 1st part Meanwhile writing the first part of the report I’ve already known we will have to write about it again. We introduced you a lot of names and events already happened before the start of our championship. So Hungarian League started let’s see what’s happening right now. (Julian Jenner, explayer of Ferencváros who were forced to …

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6 of the most dangerous hooligans in Italy

Italian football is often the center of the attention because of clashes outside the stadium between the various groups of hooligans. The memory of the incidents in the capital, during the final of the Italian Cup between fans of Rome and Naples is still alive. In Italy the clashes occur more and more often, especially when you have to “meet” …

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Supporters without privacy! Hungarian fan speaks about the problems in Hungarian football and society

Freedom of speech. That’s something that nearly not existing in Hungary thanks to Orban Viktor. He and his government try to hide everything from their own people. They buy every kind of medias in Hungary, televisions channels, radios, newspapers. If they can’t buy it they try to kill them with rules against them and only them. Example: or Financial …

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