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New video interview with lads from Lokomotiv Plovdiv – Lauta Army


The video interview is in Bulgarian and Russian language + English subtitles. In this short document are also, fragments from fight, which took place 30.07.2016

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Explanation of English supporter for the riots in Marseille


English supporter who participated in one of the riots in Marseille shared with us his explanation about what happened. The guy is Leicester city fan who lost his flag during attack from Russians. Here is what he wrote: France, Marseille 11.06.2016 People who were sitting having a drink, chat and in a large number of cases some food had to …

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Interview with Russian hooligan after the riots in Marseille.


Vladimir (Lokomotiv hooligan), who is married and have two children, has returned from the battleground at the European Championship finals in France, and does not care that Uefa have threatened to disqualify Russia. – ‘Nothing will stop them’ – Many hooligans have little interest in the games and will not care if UEFA disqualifies, he added. “I think it’s a …

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Video-interview with lads from CSKA Sofia – in English + German subtitles.


Their Rаp Song. SECTOR G – “In the name of CSKA” Interview by Unterwegs-in-Sachen-Fussball

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Interview with “Animals” from CSKA Sofia 2014


Interview with leading lads from the CSKA Sofia’s hooligan firm “Animals”. Interview made in November, when Liverpool played in Sofia for match with Ludogorets from Champions League. Joel Rookwood met with CSKA hooligans through some mutual contacts in Liverpool. There are also few views during match Ludogorets – Liverpool from away sector in National Stadium in Bulgaria. More articles related …

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Interview with ultras Göteborg


-Beside the ban of pyrotechnics you have to deal with a „masking“-ban which was imposed by your club. How do you deal with that? Actually there is no difference than before the ban, we still use masks when we use pyrotechnics. The club understands that our stewards/security staff or police can’t step in trying to stop us, because that would …

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Interview with ex-leader from Gladiators Firm 96 (Spartak Moscow)


Interview with one of the best Russian football hooligan from the years 2000-2010 and the first leader Gladiator Firm 96 groups to Spartak Moscow, which recently celebrated 17 years on the scene. This person made ​​a substantial contribution in Russia for fair play in arranged fights. More in the article. -Hey, how old are you, how long do you go …

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Interview with one of the Grobari leaders: Im not gangster, but i live like bandit in Belgrade


One of partizan leaders, known as Šule, gave a big interview for russian portal Subject of converstaion was arrival of Partizan fans on tournament in Moscow. -When was your first football match? – My first trip to a football match took place when i was 16 years old. Then my friend and me went to the stadium and chosed …

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Interview with Delije member


1.Would you please introduce yourself for our members? I am a fan of Crvena Zvezda, we are known as Delije sever. 2.Tell us a bit about the history of Delije? Most famous hooligans and ultras groups? In Serbia Partizan and Crvena Zvezda were established just after the World War II in 1945. Partizan was a club of the military and …

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Group interview with Vardar Skopje, Macedonia


First of all thanks that you take the time for this interview. The first time that a „Komiti“ flag hung in a stadium was on 4th June in 1987 at the match between Vardar and Crvena Zvezda. How did it come to the foundation? How many people where involved at the beginning and how developed the group during the last …

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