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Atlas – Monterrey 30.11.2014, big riots and many injured in Mexico

After Atlas’s elimination from the playoffs at the hands of Monterrey, violence broke out in the Estadio Jalisco. Some of the home fans went looking for a fight with the visiting Monterrey fans when they were trying to leave the stadium, and the police intervened. There was only a small contingent of police in the stadium, however, and they came off much the worse for wear in the confrontation.

When the Monterrey fans were leaving the stadium, there was a group of Atlas fans waiting to attack them with sticks and stones. The police and security intervened and the stadium doors were closed to protect the visiting fans, who were taken down to the field, while the police used tear gas to disperse the Atlas fans.

20 police officers and three fans were injured; in addition, a three-year-old girl by the name of María José de Anda went missing during the event, after letting go of her mother’s hand when the police began using tear gas.



Disturbios Atlas vs Monterrey.







Disturbios Atlas vs Monterrey.

Disturbios Atlas vs Monterrey.




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